February 2, 2014- The Pamamanhikan

The pamamanhikan

The Filipino Wedding Tradition where the groom’s family will go to the bride’s family and ask talk about the wedding details…


This was held on a Sunday Afternoon.

Both family were nervous because this was something new for both parties. Seph’s family came around 5pm with loads of food! JCO donuts (yummy!), Ambers pichi pichi, ambers pancit, ambers pork bbq, peanuts, sweets etc.

On our end mama and mom made their kare-kare and cooked rice.

I was nervous but it was Seph who was twiddling his thumbs so much that I had to hold his hand underneath the table so he would feel at ease.

We talked about some details and initial guest-list.

Also we decided that a Christian Wedding will be held at the garden and a Catholic wedding will be done an hour earlier. We (Seph and I) did not argue. I would love to still walk down a Catholic Church’s aisle… it just seemed right somehow that I would indulge my future-husband-to-be’s ONLY request for this wedding- that we have it in a church.

For our list of ninongs and ninangs, we realized that we looked up to so many married (and non married) uncle and aunts… we listed them down and at first we were asked to keep the number low… but for some reason we ended up listing 12 ninongs and 12 ninangs (although most of them are couples to begin with…)


We did not realize that it ended everything around 9pm++ and knew that we had to call it a night.



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