Jan 17, 2014: SMX Wedding Fair


The skies were almost dark as we arrived in MOA’s SMX where the wedding expo were being held on the 2nd level. We though that we would not get anywhere becasue there were too much to see and little time (I had to get off after work and arriving at 5pm at the venue from a nearby meeting was not enough time)….

When I saw the NICEPRINT PHOTO booth and talked to Ate Bien  I was completely sold! Php75,000.00 package for an HD Shoot 3 photographers + 3 Videographers, Parent Albums, Pre-nup shoots out of town, Free On Site Phot Edits and On Site Video edits with dollys, cranes and such is an awesome deal! We placed a deposit and went our merry way.

We also found melcruz  the HMU that I decided to trust. Although I have not booked her yet (and that reminds me I need to call her asap!) I knew that putting down money this early on is a no-no since I have no ceremonya nd reception venue yet.

Last is that I got for my OTD, events management services as my wedding coordinator. Paid full price of Php19,800.00 for the service and they were very accommodating with details. Almost immediately I received request for details like pre-nup dates, list of songs etc… (all of which I will do 5 months before the wedding)

All in all it was a good run 🙂



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