PROPS Ideas for our wedding: flower substitutes

I have never been a fan of flowers— so i thought maybe makakuha ako nang dindi nag wilt pero “looks-like” flowers? Enter my trip to bicol and my search for wedding knick knacks na pwede ko lagay sa tables… these are just some stuff that I saw that may or may not come out sa wedding hehehe


Curled abaca Centerpieces @ 10php/small bundle– this vase contains around 60 bundles… medyo pricey— pwede naman bawasan eh hehehe


smaller versions of the curled abaca inside a vase– these contains 5 to 10 bundles so pegged at Php10 x 10= php100 per vase… yun nga lang di pa kasma yun vase 🙂


cute nun abaca bunny noh? Bought it for 50php yun nga lang if papa ship mo sa manila it will cost you— pero cute eh… why not?


abaca Bird cage at php50 pero sale yan kasi madumi na hehehe i wonder how much yan pag brand new???

all in all productive naman siya yun nga lang i need to pick up the pace… mag april na wala pa rin ako lugar hehehe


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