Engagement shoot MOOD BOARDS for Seph & Ayeen

Our Engagement Shoot is in 2 days!
And we have nothing—NADA- not a single plan yet… So what did we do?


Now, we managed this in a few minutes all thanks to a w@wie sister suggestion to get hooked on PINTEREST. PINTEREST is the next bride’s best friend (other than being a weddings at work sisterette hehehe)

Anyways so we did not want to go far since it is already the rainy season and we do not have the luxury of time to make any more DIY.

With that said we just resolved to making mood boards and grabbing stuff from our wardrobes to help us with putting together the concept that we can use for sunday’s shoot.

Note that NICE PRINT PHTOGRAPHY is only alotting 3 hours of shoot time (which I think is supppppperrr short!) but I cnanot complain since wala eh… naka pag downpayment na kami! hehehehe

So with that said here are the mood boards that we hope to accomplish this weekend ^_^ (smile!!!!)

Mood board One: IN THE RAIN

Mood board One: IN THE RAIN

MOODBOARD 2: In the Playground

MOODBOARD 2: Car Wash (We usually make tambay sa carwash and it is part of our routine– might as well incorporate it to our prenup right? 🙂

prenup mood board3 urban formal

Urban formals: We do not like photographs that are scripted because we suck at it. But since this is our engagement shoot might as well start practicing now for the wedding shoot right?

NOTE: All pictures are not ours. We got them from various PINTEREST Pictures. Please go to  http://www.pinterest.com/ for reference. Thank you



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