Sephayeen: The Engagement Video

We are just so blessed to have friends and family who take their time for us.
We want to thank my cousin who (by the way does this for a living hehehehe) and gave us the video for the event (edited and made by love by Kat Ignacio)

Kat is a 20-something (forever a kid in my mind). She studied media arts in Assumption College in San Lorenzo Makati and then proceeded to study in Bigfoot Productions in Cebu.
She accepts phot and video jobs (big and small) and You can contact her via her facebook page

This video pretty much sums up how fun the evening was!
Everybody was smiling and laughing and by the end of the program nobody wanted to leave! Bitin nga daw— so now we are just so excited for the main event- the wedding!!!

Praise God for He brought together everyone for this!
To Him be the glory!

Here is the link in youtube just in case:


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