3rd and final food tasting with Purpledish

Finally we are done!

(Almost done kasi yun mock set up di pala sinabay ni shayne 😦 anyways di kc nya controlled si stylento pero my point is akala ko kaya ako nag pa “private” food tasting ay dahil mag finalize kmi ng mock set up)

Anyways i don’t want to dwell on it kasi i saw shayne’s effort naman. I really hope Chef V and Purpledish take into account that a. They need more AE’s (account executives) that can handle their clients and b. stylento has to be prepared and step up especially to add on and update her styling. Other caterers have lighted cocktail tables or lighted buffet. Something para di sila mapag iwanan sana. 😦

Food is great (as always) and we always looked forward to the dessert.

Note: i hate how the sauces mix on our plate so as a solution we decided to place the fish gratin and mashed potato as barrier to the sauce… Hope that works sa wedding proper…






Will post our menu soon 🙂







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