Wedding pre nup photo shoot : Coron Palawan by AL3 Photography


Look at these guys in action!

First stop all the pics you see here are iphone5s, iphone6 and samsung s5 shots— none are taken by Kuya Al and his amaaaazzzinggg group of merry men- emil and kuya jun.

Wala pa yun copies from them but i just want to share the awesome experience.

Airline: Philippine Airlines Php2,200++ seat sale/ person (without baggage check in but with snacks)— around $45-55 usd seatsale price
Rate: 5/5
I love Pal— no lines, easy check-in and we had snacks! Hehehe, and yeah— no in-your-face peddling of stuff that they sell on air



Budget Hotel: Luis Bay traveller’s Lodge Php1,700++/night c/o Vacation Island Travel & Tours
Rating: 4/5
– great for the budget traveller
– complete stuff i need: nice fluffy pillow, hot shower and airconditioning. Location may not be ideal but you can always spot tricycles coming in and out to take you anywhere for just php10/pax or a quarter of a dollar



… And you can request for a simple filipino breakfast which they will serve at the balcony


– smelled like dog poo when we arrived

Photographer: AL3 Photography- Sir AL Linsangan
Videographer: Emil Meron
Backup Photographer: kuya Jun
Price: unknown (gift by my MOH and sister)
Rate: 5/5 or even more kung pwede lagpasan!

By far the most enjoyable and BEST part of the wedding preparations!
They picked us up early at around 7am so that our 1st stop Twin Lagoon will be empty.

Here is my sister with kuya Al of AL3 Photography


Here are some of our behind the scenes shoots:




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