Final fitting: Nino Angeles Makati

Nino Angeles is an angel.
At this point and stage (5days away from the wedding) He is the only one who does not disaapoint in terms of communicating, of being available and of accomodating request (no matter how unreasonable!)

Bang for the buck!
He saved me thousands with shawls for the FG ( i got from divisoria tela and he gladly sewed it for me na lang)

Prep dress libre! Whoop whoop! 🙂

When we didnt like the color nun sa MOH ko, he changed the whole gown from scratch with a smile 🙂

When we said mali yun inner shirt nun brothers ko, he changed it! Omgeee free nanaman…

I am so loving Nino Angeles

If you need a gown maker for your wedding or special occasion and you want someone near (not divi!) he is a phone call away (or in my case fb messenger away)

Oh yeah— my fav part is he calls and follow ups clienta kailan sila pupunta, imagine that! Hahaha yun iba ikaw pa mangungulit! 🙂

Thanks nino again. You made the whole experience fun… That is to say sana lahat ng suppliers ko ganun.

Now that is for another blog post… 🙂

Nino angeles
Tel : +63 908 861 8245
Fb: search nino angeles cotoure



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