Supplier Review: “Kuya” Francis Carlos (Wedding Singer-Event Host)

Call him “kuya” he likes to treat daw the young bride and grooms that he hosts for as little brother and sisters, that way when he hosts for their wedding, they will feel comfortable with him and loosen up. A happy bride and groom will communicate happy guests- that is what he told me when he saw me tense during the preps. they told me not to get a host that you know— pero in this case I am lucky enough that I know a good host!

Francis Carlos Host

Francis Carlos is our host for the evening. He was also our host for the Engagement Party 🙂

Peso power: i was asked to keep secret lang yun deal niya kasi we know each other. Pero I heard that he charges Php10,000.00 for hosting + 20 songs for the whole night. However if you have a full band (like I did) then you can ask for an additional discount. For early booking last 2014 – i booked him March 2014 (my wedding was January 2015 so i am really very advanced in booking him)- he said he charges Php 8,000 BUT since we know each other I haggled it down to the secret number hehehe (+ gas and toll for OOT) for hosting plus 2-3 songs- 1 meeting in person and the rest via fb messenger, text and email na siya. Siya na bahala sa scripting which he will have you check and the games na papapiliin ka niya ^_^

Francis Carlos Host- start of program belting our a song

Francis Carlos Host- start of program belting our a song

Communication score:5/5 madali siya ma reach kasi dami din niya cell numbers

Over all Score: 5/5++ What I love about “Kuya Francis” is that he has this warm approach na feels like family agad agad, he also has that comedic timing and he makes the audience feel that they are welcomed and part of the family. In our wedding we were 1 1/2 hours late in starting the reception- i could hear him crooning out Josh Groban Songs and Italian love songs to the guests. Parang nagaka mini-concert pa siya! He was really patient with us din becasue before the wedding we ask him to meet us at QC and join us sa food tasting while discussing the program- we did this so he can meet with our coordinator para sabay sabay isahan na lang na meeting siya… he did this for us since he has also engagements in the same area.

Francis Carlos Host- Raffle Time

Francis Carlos Host- Raffle Time

Games pa more :)

Games pa more 🙂



HOST: Francis Carlos

Tel No.:  +63 905 543 8383

during the father daughter dance

during the father daughter dance



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