Supplier’s Review: Mel Cruz HMUA (hair and make up artist) 

PESO POWER: Php19,000.00 for bride (airbrush)+ mother of bride (airbrush) + 2 traditional head (sister and grandma) with pre nup hair and make up plus free trial HMUA that I used in my engagement party 🙂

PRENUP HMUA Score: 4.5/5 — 1.)mabait kausap, 2.) mabilis mag book and mag nego 3.) madali puntahan 4.) i looked really pretty hehehehe (even if pink is not my fav color bagay siya sa pics and yun din nakita ko sa folio nya)

Medyo she was not feeling well lang nun prenup kasi may period siya pero understandable. Super love ko din kasi free breakfast sa bahay nila hehehe thank you 🙂

Ms mel in action- medyo may sakit siya pero she still came.

Ms mel in action- medyo may sakit siya pero she still came.


i luv her comfy make up chair :)

i luv her comfy make up chair 🙂

the kilay :)

the kilay is love 🙂

1st hairstyle did notmake me happy.... i told the hairstylist 2 things: 1) huwag papakita batok ko kasi matambok and 2) yun noo ko malapad so please lagyan ng bangs---- and this is what he came up with?

good thing mel cruz is not connected anymore to the hairdresser who did my bridal hair hehehe luv u ate mel…

second hairstyle was better BUT wala na kami time to take pictures!!! sayang talaga :(

second hairstyle was better 🙂 i am sure if ate mel was feeling better at siya mismo gumawa ng hair ko na achieve agad siguro gusto ko… 🙂 fresh look achieved!

a little bit closer :) love my airbrush make up!

a little bit closer 🙂 love my airbrush make up— what do you think dearies? ^_^

MAKE UP: 4/5- luv the make up … Everybody said i looked pretty! And marami may gusto ng makeup ESPECIALLY the fresh look (pink makes you look young noh? So even if i dont like pink this is actually a Good choice for my lips) sa eyebags wala na magagawa si ate mel kasi puyat ako so thumbs up nawala yun darkness sa under sa eyes 🙂 

The reason why she did not involve herself anymore with my hair was because she was sick. As in sniffling sick. But i was glad she showed up. I believe if she was feeling better it would be a different story.

 Good thing Marky and her do not work in tandem anymore (yes future brides dont be afraid to book her because of this minor hiccup, you loose a lot like gaining a fab HMUA friend if you let her go – very personal approach sya and like I said from the engagement photoshoot- she knew what looked good on me)

HAIRSTYLE by MARKY (not mel cruz): 3/5— i did not like my first hairstyle and the 2nd one was ok pero nun nag lugay na sa kasal- sobrang kung saan saan na ang buhok ko 😦 tip time pala nag pa separate na “hair test” IF iba hahawak ng hair mo — problem is QC pa si Marky so masyado hassle for me 😦

This is my sister’s hair and make up. Hmmm dunno i cannot place my finger on it- she looks beautiful though  but she looks real mature… (Muka naman talaga mature ate ko hehehe) I think she looks pretty pa rin. How about you? What do you think about her hair and make up? 🙂

Oh-la-la ! 🙂 My 75 year old grandmother “mama” i like her make up but that tagaytay wind sobra contrabida! Should have asked major hair spray layering! 

I liked my mom’s make up (airbrush) but  the hairdo…hmmmm… Going back we could have done something with the hair?  More spray and bling perhaps? I dunno.. Hmmm 

this is the shot with the pink lip stick...i like the lighter shade better :(

this is another shot ^_^ what do you think?

side shot

side shot- i like this better than the 1st hairstyle

Should have done more research so i could have given my pegs para di na nag experiment on the spot.

How i wish nag lugay na lang ako ng buhok— look at this picture nang nag susukat pa lang ako ngbwedding dress. Mas bagay lugay noh? 

The lipstick shade of pink was growing on me… I do not like pink BUT like i said earlier—  sabi sa akin di daw makikita sa pictures kaya ayun pumayag na ako…and yes true enough, mas kita and prettier siya sa pics… 

di pa tapos ang gabi medyo magulo na buhok ko hehehehe

di pa tapos ang gabi medyo magulo na buhok ko hehehehe

this was shot sa start of the evening... medyo magulo na hair (pero make up ok pa :)

this was shot sa start of the evening… medyo magulo na hair (pero make up ok SUPER ok!)

nag toasting pa lang--- kaka simula pa lang pero look at my hair..

toasting ceremony- look of the hair from the back view


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