Queensland Catering for our Engagement Party Costs


Royal Palm Clubhouse in Taguig (Near C5)

Royal Palm Clubhouse in Taguig (Near C5)


Make sure before you inquire you already have a place in mind. For us we opt for Royal Palms Country club because it near our place and since it is very affordable. Php12,000 for guests (have a resident sponsor you and you get this discounted rate) and Php10,000 for those with a unit/property inside Royal Palms, Acacia Estates.



The CATERER is Queensland and I am putting in the Contract so you can see their rules and regulations in the event of cancellation, transfer of set up and services, garden set up, left over food and such.

Downpayment of Php5,000 is ok and you just need to pay in full 2-3 weeks before the event.


1contract queensland


Here is the run down of how much we paid for our 80 Guests – around Php27,140.00

Contract Queensland for 80 pax 2014

SUMMARY OF EXPENSE (note that this was July 2014):

Venue (Royal Palm): Php8,000.00

Food and drinks by QUEENSLAND: Php22,740.00

Basic Sound System (No Lights): Php4,400.00

Lights c/o Church: Php0.00 (Free! we just borrowed from the church)

Additional Decors: Php5,000.00 (Flowers from market market for the tables, various hangers to liven up the place, tarp as backdrop 🙂

Additional Snacks and food for catering staff+ tip: Php3,000.00


Total: Php43,140.00

If it was up to me I should have ordered the Photo and Video package of Queensland

which was at Php12,500.00 with album, but we did not have the budget anymore.


One thought on “Queensland Catering for our Engagement Party Costs

  1. Thanks for this! Nagka-idea ako how to compute for my total, planning to get Queensland din kasi. Did they waive your VAT fee so there’s none included? Thanks!

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