A 9-party Wedding Re-vows in Batanes! A Fundacion Pacita & Naidi Hills wedding

  • Ceremony: Naidi Hills Lighthouse
  • Reception: Cafe de Tukon @Fundacion Pacita
  • Hotel: Fundacion Pacita
  • Gowns: Divisoria
  • Flowers: Market Market bought 
  • Cake: Cafe de Tukon
  • Photographer: Danny
  • Videographer: DIY go pro 😄
  • Pastor: Pastor Dan
  • Coordinator: Ms Maan and Ms Beth

We (a friend and I) decided to surprise his wife of 10 years with an intimate re-vows wedding in Batanes. 

We did not have lots of budget but we really wanted to pull this through! 

So here is our objective reviews!

Hotel: Fundacion Pacita 5/5 : Cost: 11.5 to 22k per night depending on room 

The views are amazing. The day of the wedding was really rainy but this added more charm to their shoot! We love also the reception food! 

Here is the story in pictures: Bridal Gown 1: Php1,300+ php100 paputol= Php1,400.00 @ divisoriaCandles from Divi Php40.00Bridal Gown no2: Php1,500.00 + adjustments php1,300 total: 2,800 (divisoria)  Our bride waiting for me to do her make up! 😄

Cafe De Tukon: we brought these and they putted it up! thank you cafe de tukon! 

set up at Naidi hills (near bunkers)
Pastor Dan thank you! Fee- at your discretion 😄

Set up at Naidi Hills Php13,500.00 – seats, set up, pastor , permits etc. (booked through our travel agent)

Flower Girl’s Gown: Divisoria php1,500

Photographer: Kuya Danny (got through our booking with Vacation Island Travel and Tours) php10,800.00 — since he loved us (and since di namin nasulit yun 8hrs nya the 1st day because of the rain) sumama sya sa south tour the following day and did another set of photoshoot! whoop whoop!

Thank you!
-seph ayeen 2nd year anniversary! 


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