Super Late Positing: Hizon’s 2nd Food Tasting

Who does not love good food? What I love about HIZON’S is that they are not stingy in the helpings when it come sto food tasting! And you can do it over and over again! 🙂 Oh Yum!

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These are all the different type of foods served at the Hizon’s Food Tasting in SMX


Really Good set up

Amazing AE (she really tried her best to get the best discounts for us) thanks Aly


*Salty food

*….really salty food

It was not like this on our first run so I am wondering if my tastebuds have a problem. Anyways, my sister and h2b also did not like it… so yes we are scratching off hizons from our list (sayang— dami pa naman nila masarap din eh— bakit kasi na tiempuhan pa na this food tasting sila sumablay)


Yes, I will— only because ganda ng set up nila and may food naman na ok for me like the thriced cook pork belly (yum)!

Hizons Catering | 22 Renowned Lane, Sanville Subd., Project 6 | Quezon City | 1128 | Philippines


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